Welcome to HYNC.io!

We are an innovative project that enables you to synchronize your fitness data from various sources such as Polar, Fitbit, Wahoo, Strava and many more. Our goal is to offer you a comprehensive dashboard where you can pursue your personal fitness achievements and compare with friends and like -minded people from your area.

In addition Hync.io offers you the possibility to synchronize your fitness data across different platforms. This means that you can use, for example, your Polar or Fitbit watch to record your running sessions and then synchronize them with your Strava or Wahoo account.

With Hync.io you can bring all your activities together in a central place and get a clear picture of your sporting progress. Regardless of whether you are running, cycling, swimming or other sports - our intuitive system automatically synchronizes your data and creates a user -friendly dashboard that clearly shows your services.

But Hync.io goes on. We believe in the power of the community and the positive influence of social support on your fitness goals. That is why we offer you the opportunity to network with friends and like -minded people. You can share your services with them, create challenges and motivate each other. Compare your results with other users from your area and discover new sports or training routines that inspire you.

Our team at Hync.io is working hard to offer you a seamless and enriching fitness experience. We strive to support your fitness trip by providing you with tools to achieve your goals and enjoy your training.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Hync.io community, synchronize your fitness data and start your adventure to a healthier and more active lifestyle. Let's get fit together and celebrate our sporting success!

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